Liv Tiny

Changing the way we live one tiny house at a time. Live Large.


How do I downsize?


Are you in the process of going tiny? Are you trying to figure out how to downsize?

 Where to begin?

 I have easy steps to help you achieve your goal. Need help in organizing? I got you covered in that also.  Give me a call and I'll be glad to help you out.

Tour "FROG" tiny house


Wondering what it's like to be in a tiny house instead of just seeing one on TV? Are you thinking about going tiny?  Come spend an hour with me in my tiny house "FROG". Ask me some questions. I'll provide a snack . Bring along a friend/spouse up to 4 people.  Cost is $75.00 a couple.



Are you THINKing about going tiny. Are you ready for your DIY build? What tools do you need? What are the steps? Where do you start? I can help you in figuring it all out.  Not sure what to do? What questions to ask?  This a a 2 hour session, includes a snack and a tour of "FROG" tiny house. Cost $125.00